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Speaker: Hugh Dellar is a London-based teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty years experience in the field. He has taught all ages and levels, both in the UK and also in Indonesia, where he lived for four years.

He worked for University of Westminster for 18 years, but is now the co-founder of Lexical Lab and has recently co-written the methodology book Teaching Lexically for Delta Publishing. He is the co-author of General English course book series: Innovations, Outcomes and Perspectives published by National Geographic Learning, as well as numerous papers and articles for many ELT publications

When: 21-22 March 2021

How long: 2 days

Where: Minsk , Renaissance Hotel

On Day One, you will:

- explore common stereotypes British people have of each other

- discuss local identities and how people from key regions of the UK see themselves

- unpack the roots of the Brexit crisis and explore what it tells us about modern British society

- dig deep into contemporary English and uncover some new words, trends and changing norms

- experience a live lesson for CAE / CPE-level students exploring some language and issues around modern British culture

On Day Two, you will:

- look at some different principles that materials writers use to underpin their work

- explore our own beliefs about what makes good materials

- look at what makes some vocabulary exercises better than others and have some practice on crafting exercises relevant to our own students

- look at the issues surrounding the use of spoken and written texts in class

- consider the similarities and differences between listening and writing

- discuss how best to approach lessons around texts

- have time for questions and answers and some practical exploration of exercises generated by attendees


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  • Дата и Время события: 21 March 2020 (Saturday) 09:00
  • Адрес: Minsk , Renaissance Hotel
  • Язык встречи: английский
  • Стоимость участия: 260

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