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17 октября 2017

Спортивные идиомы в английском языке

Athletics – легкая атлетика

A false start - an unsuccessful attempt to begin a process or event - неудачное начало.
After a few false starts, he took over the company last month.
To jump the gun - to start doing something too soon, especially without thinking about it carefully – опережать события, бежать впереди паровоза&
 He shouted at me before I had time to explain, but later he apologised for jumping the gun.
The front runner – the person or thing considered the most likely to win a competition, game, election etc – кандидат, имеющий больше всего шансов; главный кандидат на пост; лидер. 
She is clearly the front runner for the job.
Balls – игры с мячом
Keep your eye on the ball - to keep looking at something, especially to avoid making a mistake – быть на чеку.
In this job it’s important to keep your eye on the ball at all times.
А whole new ball game, или a totally different ball game – a completely different situation, often one which is difficult or which you know very little about - другой случай, совсем другое дело.
We'd done a lot of climbing in Scotland, but the Himalayas were a whole new ball game.
On the ball
Informal knowledgeable; attentive - смышлёный
If you were on the ball, this wouldn't have happened.
active and aware of things – усердный; умелый
Their staff seems to be really on the ball, able to get projects done on time.

Boxing - бокс


Below the belt – cruel and unfair – удар ниже пояса.
That remark about his weight was a bit below the belt.
Take it on the chin - to accept a difficult or unpleasant situation without complaining - used to show approval – стойко выдержать что-л.
Atkinson took it all on the chin, though some members of his team were very upset by the criticism they received.
Throw in the towel - to admit defeat or failure – признать поражение, признать себя побеждённым, сдаться (тренер одного из боксеров обычно бросает на ринг полотенце, чтобы остановить бой).
When John could stand no more of Mary's bad temper, he threw in the towel and left.  

Football - футбол

The kick off – inf. if you kick off a discussion, meeting, event etc, you start it – начать что-то.
I'm going to kick off today's meeting with a few remarks about the budget.
A political football - a difficult problem which opposing politicians argue about or which each side deals with in a way that will bring them advantage – политические игры. Интересно, что для обозначения отношений между политиками (не всегда правомерных) используется именно футбол. В такой игре возможны различные поведенческие реакции на поле, проведенные по правилам и в обход них.
Funding of the health service has become a political football.    
Horse racing - скачки
It's neck and neck - inf. if two competitors or groups are neck and neck in a competition or race, they are level with each other – почти вровень.
Opinion polls show the two main parties are running neck and neck.
On the home straight/ stretch - the last part of an activity or process – на финишной прямой.
It's been a long job but we're finally on the home straight.
Down to the wire - Inf.to only be decided or become clear at the last possible moment – быть нерешенным вплоть до последнего момента (down to the wire - аллюзия к воображаемой ленточке на финной прямой на скачках).
Talks went down to the wire, with agreement being reached at the very last minute.
Skating - катание на коньках.
Get/put your skates on – British English spoken used to tell someone to hurry – торопиться, поторапливаться.
Put your skates on, or you'll be late for school.
Skate on thin ice – to be in a risky situation – играть с огнем, ходить по краю пропасти.
You are skating on thin ice when you ask me that!
Skating over something - to avoid mentioning a problem or subject, or not give it enough attention – упомянуть что-либо вскользь; обходить стороной какую-то тему.
The President was accused of skating over the issue of the homeless.
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