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Выберите нужное слово, чтобы заполнить пропуск в предложении:
_ _ a bank near my house.


Выберите правильные ответы, чтобы заполнить пропуски:
Please, take _ _ apples here and put them on _ _ table over there.


Choose the word which takes ‘an’:


Выберите правильный вариант ответа:
Какие первые буквы английского алфавита?


Choose the best explanation to ‘nephew’:


Which phrase can a waiter say to you?


Choose the correct sentence with ‘how much/how many’:


Choose the alternative where all the nouns are uncountable nouns:


I _ _ in Los Angeles for 2 weeks last year.


Choose the correct sentence in the past:


At the weekend I feel _ _ than on Monday.


_ _ make very good pets.


Choose the sentence with the correct form of the adjectives:


Choose the correct grammar forms to complete the following sentences:
At the moment, the central shopping centre _ _. The mayor _ _ lately, they _ _ the work next year. Last year the same shopping centre _ _. Nearly $1 million _ _ during the robbery.


Choose the correct answer:
If someone _ _ you a huge amount of money, what _ _ you _ _ with it?


Choose the right words to complete the following sentences:
It’s an awful thing to say, but if we just had good news on TV all the time, we’d probably all get _ _ and switch it off. Of course bad news is a bit _ _, but it’s better than stupid information about celebrities. Personally, I’m not _ _.


I enjoyed the seminar very much, but surprisingly most of my colleagues _ _.


Could you help me, please! My luggage _ _.


The mice in this laboratory _ _ in cages for 3 months before they started the experiment.


Choose the correct alternative of the following sentence in the reported speech:
‘Where do you live?’ she asked the boy.


My parents used to tell me that I _ _ learn languages.


Choose the best reply to the question:
Does this bus go to the station?


Choose the best option to complete the gap in the sentence:
Quite _ _ in my view, they have decided to appeal against the decision.


Choose the sentence which sounds more natural:


Введите номер телефона: